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Zen Soap《禪皂》
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Zen Soap《禪皂》

Item: Zen Soap《禪皂》



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Zen Soap- Balances Mind and Spirit
Refresh your mind and spirit by using our Zen Soap after a long and stressful day. For aromatherapy, cedar wood essential oil is used to stimulate mind , calms and balances energy, promotes spirituality, improves oily skin and it has sedating properties that relieves itching.And we added sandal wood and magnolia essential oil which they truly offer an amazing aroma that both calms the nerves and stimulates awareness. You can feel the relaxing effects of magnolia essential oil that will definitely soothe your senses. It promotes positive aura, enhancing your mood through the day. White clay stimulates circulation to bring health and vitality, especially suitable for sensitive, dry and mature skin types, and for children. altCharcoal has proven track record for its detoxifying power. It is used to effectively cleanse and whiten your skin, unclog pores, remove impurities and dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, resulting supple, delicate and smooth skin.Zen Soap brings the beauty, healing and meaningful nature to one's personal daily ritual. altZen Soap also makes the perfect gift for art lovers, sport lovers, spiritual seekers, and meditation or yoga enthusiasts! Be inspired every time you reach for your bar of soap! Gaze upon your Zen Soap at your sink, tub, or shower for a moment of calm, centered peacefulness. As you gently cleanse your skin, allow your mind to rest and your soul to be nourished and refreshed. Art Washes Away from the Soul the Dust of Everyday Life. -Pablo Picasso Not tested on animals Pure, gentle and naturally moisturizing RM20, 100g±10g bar, vegan friendly soap. Ingredients: olive, palm, coconut, canola, sweet almond oilAddictives: menthol, white clay and charcoal powder
alt《禪皂》净化舒压、放松肌肤RM20 重量: 100g ±10g
散发天然香芬的手工皂使身体和心灵达到双重净化,使用自然生长植物为原料,不含任何防腐剂等化学添加剂。独特精油添加型配方,其极其温和的特性,即使是敏感肌肤或者娇嫩的婴儿都可以放心使用。 天然的成份配方能深層清潔肌膚上的油垢,修護各種肌膚問題,增強皮膚的防禦能力,調整pH值。 特殊配方中的備長碳俱負離子,有深層洗淨力、除臭、抑菌的功能,能收斂毛細孔,除痘,控油,平衡油脂。 alt白礦物泥性質溫和,补水、美白,清洁作用,不會堵塞毛孔,吸收過多油脂及清除皮膚表皮的污穢,適合任何肌膚。 雪松香气醇厚,温暖且神秘、具有舒缓情绪与安定心灵的作用能释放紧张造成的压力,适合工作压力大的白领阶级使用。 alt 雪松具有收敛、抗菌的特性,最有利于油性肤质,当然也能改善面疱和粉刺皮肤。它还能帮助消除疮痂、脓以及一些慢性病,如湿疹和干癣。雪松还是绝佳的护发剂,可有效对抗头皮的皮脂漏、头皮屑和秃发。 alt白玉蘭精油能够增加人体免疫功能,可消除异味、抗沮喪、抗焦慮,抑制细菌,處理輕微中暑、頭暈、胸悶、呼吸困難等問題, 另一方面也可缓和精神压力.alt禪皂很適合长期处于压力下的您, 藝術愛好者,靈修者,冥想, 氣功, 運動或瑜伽愛好者! 我们不一定有时间练瑜珈, 運動或者定时静坐或靈修,但总要洗澡。每天一次,净化自己, 净化心灵。放松身心是应该的。alt
最佳適用: 一般性/混合性皮膚/油性皮膚/敏感皮膚
本手工皂製作過程不添加任何人工化學品,自然無害,在使用溶解後,會被分解為水和二氧化碳等,不會污染環境、水源。 alt


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