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Hinoki Gromwell Soap 《檜木紫草皂》
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Hinoki Gromwell Soap 《檜木紫草皂》

Item: Hinoki Gromwell Soap 《檜木紫草皂》



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altIt cleanses cleanly the children skin or the sensitive skin without irritation, has excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects, adds nutrients and moisturizing to the skin without a concern about getting rough hands, soothes and improves the troubled skin and provides a feeling of excellent refreshment.

It is a water-soluble colloid fully biodegraded in natural environment. Hinoki Wood has great antiseptic properties, long lasting and moisturizing. It smoothes your skin's texture, minimizes visible signs of aging, and simulates circulation. Good for people with allergy, eczema, psoriasis and Potent antioxidant properties. Hinoki wood Oil as anti-inflammatory, Anti-itching, Hydrating and skin softening, Skin- cleansing, Anti-viral and anti-bacterial, Mild pain reliever and much more (e.g. it is reported for healing of warts, it can release troubled breathing, caused by sinus infection… ) altGromwell Anti-allergic and Soothing Handmade Soap / Chinese Gromwell Purple gromwell root contains a substance called Allantoin which accelerates the replacement of body cells. It can reduce eczema and detoxify when used externally especially for people with acnes, prickly heat, eczema and itchiness due to unknown causes, inflammation and allergic skin. Application: Face cleanser/ sensitive skin Body cleanser/ all kinds of skin and sensitive skin From of old, gromwell is used as a Chinese medical material to treat macula, pockmark, burning, dermatitis, and eczema. It has an obvious effect in skin recovery, wound healing, scar removing, inflammation diminishing, and promotion of skin cells and tissues. Not tested on animals Pure, gentle and naturally moisturizing RM18, 100g±10g bar, vegan friendly soap. Ingredients: olive oil infused purple gromwell, coconut, canola oil & palm oil Additives: hinoki wood powder Essential oils: Hinoki Wood alt《檜木紫草皂》抗痘抗癢、去粉刺解毒 RM18 重量: 100g ±10g
我很喜歡這款檜木紫草皂,這款皂添加檜木粉& 檜木精油. 台灣檜木生長在海拔1800~2800公尺高山上,分泌的精油(Hinoki-tiol)具有廣泛用途。具有強大的殺菌能力, 對人體有非常大的助益,諸如消除失眠, 頭痛,焦慮,助益呼吸器官及肺機能,增進血液循環及心臟活力, 促進全身細胞新陳代謝活絡以達抗癌美顏又延壽等等。 台灣的檜木精油,那是一種來自森林深處,很原始很濃烈的木頭味,持續而悠久的氣味,能給你更深沈的森林浴感受。讓您在清潔身體同時感到身處大自然的舒適與清新。
檜木對青春痘、痱子、尿布疹、褥瘡、紅疹、治療皮脂分泌、加速新陳代謝、止癢收斂傷口具功效. •檜木對頭皮癢、皮膚炎、皮膚過敏、香港腳、滅菌止癢。 •檜木能滅殺空氣中的細菌、黴菌、可抑制人類病原菌。 •檜木能刺激中樞神經、調節自律神經、鎮靜神經等作用。 •檜木對麻疹病毒有防止感染的效果
紫草萃取物不但具有抗菌、消炎及防止肌膚暗沈的作用外,更可促進真皮組織之再生。紫草萃取中之紫草素(Shiconix)具有鎮痛、止血、消炎、殺菌等作用,尤其對於促進肉芽之發生,以及表皮細胞之增殖,更有特效之作用。 而 紫根萃取物中蘊含之尿囊素(Allantoin)為親膚性保濕成份,可改善角質化皮膚,強化濕潤肌膚,具抗過敏功能。而尿囊素(Allantoin)的鎮 定效果,能照顧夏日局部易乾燥粗燥肌膚,保濕清爽不黏膩,並且能激發細胞的正常生長,促進皮膚細胞的新陳代謝,自然代謝表皮層黑色素,進而使肌膚年輕健 康,由內到外達到最自然、舒適的護膚成效。
最佳適用:一般性/油性皮膚/暗瘡皮膚/問題/ 痘痘肌膚 用途:斑疹、皮膚炎、濕疹、保濕美白、淡斑、解毒、抗痘、抗敏、癢、去粉刺暗沉、淡斑、消腫、傷口癒合、改善肌膚防禦功能。


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